# tbt

It’s Thursday so let us throw it back.

I have had issues with my weight. I still have issues with it. I remeber coming home after spending a summer with my dad and my mom saying to me “boy did you get fat”.


Which then followed with my siblings taunting me about it. Of course it hurt my feelings. Surprisingly it was not a struggle to get rid of the extra weight I had picked up. We were always active with dance lessons, drill team, cheer leading, and outside play time.

I finally have got into the habbit of working out. When I first started it was a thrill. I had gained a substanial amount of weight (from this good ol southern hospitality) and I did not notice it right away. I noticed a few articles of clothing did not fit 100% comfortable but I could still get into them so I did not stress it. It wasn’t until I saw a picture taken of me that it hit me and I instantly felt disgusted.


I could not believe I left myself go and allowed myself to get to that weight AND was blind to it. I then decided it was time to get into the gym and get serious.

I do have hypothyroidism and with it my weight does fluctuate but I, knowing this, have to make sure I stay aware of my weight. I can not get besides myself.

My boy friend and I made the first step by getting a gym membership. We were on top of working out and eating regularly. I instantly started seeing results and fell in love with myself all over again.

I fell off, I will admit. I would go and get the hng of it and find an excuse to not stick with it. It’s 2017 and my year is going fantastic so it is time for me to knuckle down and get back to it. Healthy lifestyle makes everything else a breaze. Get better sleep, stress less, have more energy, and ultimately better moods.

We have been back in for three days and I am feeling the burn but it is one well worth it. I know what my body is capable of sculpting into. It is time to have the complete package. Here is to throw back Thursday remonding me of where I have come from.










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