Hair and Its Importance

All I know is lengthy hair. My hair has always been long and it has been very comfortable. I have been struggling with it lately. I decided to go heat free for a year and a half and I did not realize how damaged it was until I took that break. My hair had been trained, meaning that no matter what it would be straight. When I straightened my hair, it wouls allow it to last longer.

I have a curl pattern now and I am so impatient when it comes to growing it out fully. If I cut my damaged ends, my curls will really thrive and reach their full potential. But, I also will lose my length. Of course it will grow back, very healthy, it is the waiting that I am not thrilled about. I am stuck in my comfortability and what I am used to.

For some people, they have no attachment to their hair. They can do anything to it and it not phase them at all. Color, cut, shave anything. Me I think about it more than five times. I decided to semi dye my hair and it took me one year to get it done. I am trying not to be so attached to my hair and I would love to say that it does not take part in making me who I am, but that would not be true.

Hopefully I get over it and do what needs to be done. I can continue without cutting my hair and just trim until all the dead ends are gone. It is just that my hair would be easier to manage after the cut.

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