Sleep Lately

I have been extremely sleepy lately. I can get 6-8 hours and when I wake up it feels as though I slept none. I have tried sleeping pills before and the sleep time night quil. I do get sleep with then but I wake up either drowsy or late from not hearing my alarm.

There is less room in the bed now since my dog decided to sleep with me, on me, between my legs, wherever she wants. I got new pillows not even two months ago, so it can’t be that. The mattress feels fine. So what could it be ? Do you have any suggestions ? Please help.

2 thoughts on “Sleep Lately

  1. Oh you poor thing 😦 sorry to hear! I hate not being able to sleep. Is your mind racing as well?
    I normally try and force myself to day dream a bit – makeup stupid stories in my head and usually that does the job. Again, it’s sadly different for everybody 😦

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