Sky & Us

I have always taken care of my responsibilities. I was taught to and it makes life easier. I had baby fever months ago. I know I am not ready for one and I am still young but that does not stop the mind from imagining it. The baby bump stage, the birthdays, the teaching and learning lessons, etc. I opted out for a puppy.

The visit to the pet shop only started off as a visit. My darling and I laid eyes on a beautiful husky mix and instantly fell in love with her.


She had these amazing eyes that I can not explain. They change from the moment she wakes up in the morning until she goes to sleep at night.

Of course I named her and it was chosen obviously because of her hypnotic eyes. She was only 2 months old when we found her, born August 18, 2016. When we got her, I did not think past her preciousness. She peed in my new car her first car ride and I instantly started thinking about potty training, name training, how to groom her properly, the best food for her breed-pomksy(husky & pomeranian) cute outfits, perfect treats, and a queen bed. And then I began to think of the money aspect. How I dodged a great expense in not having a human child, but she is now our child and she MUST have it all. But in reality, she does not need it all.

Potty training did not take as long as I suspected it would but it was very tedious. Making sure we timed after her water consumption and took her out in time. She eventually learned toscratch  the door when she was ready to use it. I remember her first time doing it, I was so ecstatic ! My boy friend and I praised her so much. She got a new pretty blinged out collar that day, some new toys, and a Duke jersey. We are Duke basketball fans so it was only right.

image                       image

She caught onto her name within 2 days. Sky is short and simple so it was easy for her to make the correlation. Sky is very smart and was a handful. When I would take her outside to potty, she would just take off running. And I would end up chasing her around trying to catch her. She would duck and dodge and make it a real struggle. After hearing me yell her name for about 5 minutes she would just stop in her tracks and walk to me with her puppy eyes. As she was saying “i’m sorry mommy but I had to do it to you. I just wanted to play for a few minutes”. I hated that stage.

Enter a caption

We have friends that have big dogs compared to her and they would have play dates. She would antagonize them, bite at their throats, and run circles around them literally. It was a site to see. We moved into our new home after having her for a month and we had to potty train all over again. She went through the “marking my territory” stage and she marked everywhere- the stairs, kitchen, bathrooms, and all of the other rooms. She was bold enough to do it right in front of us knowing she was going to be disciplined. She is 7 months now and she is a totally different dog behaviour wise. That happened when she startedher first   menstrual cycle. She has always had a great personality. She is the kind of dog that plays with her tail for minutes on end, took it upon herself to get all of her toys and play with them at once no matter what time of morning it is. She even smiles ! With her perfect teeth.



I am not doing my baby justice but she is great. Waking up is not as much as a struggle anymore. I wake up to her kisses somedays and her either between my legs or laying directly on my face others. She has a lot of energy and love for EVERYONE. When people come over, she does the jumping on them, giving unending kisses, and even does a happy wine. Sometimes she gets so excited she pees a little. She is not afraid to sit in your view when you have any type of food in your hand. If you turn away from her, she will move to where she knows that she is in your view. That I am not proud of because it is an annoyance my boyfriend opened the door for and left it open the moment he gave her table food. But that attribute contributes to her uniqueness.

These days she does sleep majority of the day but when she is up she makes sure we cater to her and that she is getting her dosage of sun. She used to just sit at the front door staring outside the days playing outside was not an option. Now she will sit in the backyard in her favorite spot and take in the sun.


When she was hungry as a young pup she would claw the inside of her food bowl and do the same with her water bowl when she was thirsty. She was impatient and impolite. She has matured with age. Now she just patiently sits by her bowls until we serve her.

She listens to every word now. Sometimes she talks back in her dog language. She moves her mouth and let’s out a range of different sounds- communication. She has got to the point where she can walk without a leash and hops right into the car when it is time to leave. Speaking of leaving, when my boy friend or me are getting ready to leave, she whimpers. When we actually leave, she wines. Sometimes until we get back. When we get back from both being gone and she is in her cage, she cries! She is not a dog, she is Sky our baby. Vacation time, we hate having to leave her, talk about her daily, and miss her so much. When we reunite, we can feel the love. We know she missed us too! Her expression of emotions is just unexplainable.

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