I Will Never Understand

I hate to generalize but this issue happens in every race, ethnicity, and gender. This has been this issue on my mind for a long time and I know that I am not the only women that thinks about it. This issue is women or men who think it is okay to dabble in a relationship. There are people that set out to and find joy in being a reason a relationship fails.

A few days ago I logged into Facebook and there was a girl (not a woman because if you had the mindset of a woman you would not think this way) who posted “I love when I find out a man has a wife or girl friend because I love knowing that I destroyed your happy life with stealing your man”. Now I do not condone the man who allows this to happen or even puts hisself in a predicament for such things as this to happen. But as a women she should want better for herself and want to be a better person than that. It bothers me because I am in a relationship. Scratch that, I am in love and would hate for my heart to be broken.

There are men who have the same mindset. I believe in God and his powers. And I strongly believe in Do unto others as a you would have them do unto you. Anyone with their heart set on ruining a relationship or wanting someone’s else partner as your own, be okay with a life of unexpected KARMA.

With technology these days people can sit around watching what you do and who you do it with. Some people develop a hate or jealousy for what they see. Instead of them wanting their own happy life with their own partner, they decide that they want someone who is already taken. They want exactly what the person if giving to someone for themselves. When they could go out and put in the work and find their own love story.

So let me say that is was conquered, this man or woman has broken up a relationship and is dating the person they wanted. Now there are trust issues. There has to be, because they now. know that they were able to persuade the person to be with them, what if someone else is trying it. They can not be truly happy knowing that they broke up a relationship. Unless they are totally ruthless.

My boy friend says it is the womens job to make sure the man is taken care of and that they are doing their part so if that kind of distraction arises it is no problem to ignore it. I feel that no matter what, from a moral/standard/values point, you should not allow it to happen period. If your women is not doing what you think or feel she should be doing, be a man, step up, and express how you feel. Then make a decision from there to be with the person or not. Also, men should make it known that they are in a relationship and let it also be known to any women coming at them that they should think higher of themselves and strive for a true relationship of their own. It goes for both genders, I am just using my relationship as an example.

I despise a cheater and I despise even more a man or woman who sets out to break up a relationship for any type of gain.


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