Home Body & Traveling

I have always been a home body. As a kid, while all of the kids were itching to go outside and play I was self teaching, playing Sims on the computer, doing everything but trying to go outside.  The times that I did go outside though, man did I have a blast. From digging in the dirt and finding the new bugs to breaking into elementary schools and hoping from roof to roof. Moving to North Carolina only helped when it came to being a home body.

With there not being much for young adults to do all I did was eat, watch Netflix, work, and sleep. Occasionally, I would take a weekend trip with my dad to visit family in South Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, and Atlanta. We are spread all over the place. After some months I was introduced to my great boyfriend. He comes from a family that traveled. So it is human nature for him to want to get out and explore. Shoot at the end of the day he is a man that is very young at heart (acts like a little boy sometimes) and he cannot sit still. But there are time when he does not mind sitting at home. Sitting at home means saving money and getting to know oneself.

It did not take long for us to go on our first trip. We started off with somewhere close but fun and new for me at least. We drove to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I absolutely loved it. I used to go to the beach all the time when I lived in LA and I had been itching to get back to it.  We went on our first helicopter ride around the city. Did a lot of walking up and down the board walk. We even caught a show of Medieval Times. The aquarium was beautiful, I am fascinated by the under water world. For great food we stopped by Joes Crab Shack. Got to see the city from a different view when we zip lined. I am afraid of heights and conquered a great fear that day. I have some great pictures but my tablet would not allow me to upload them so I will be posting a separate post with them and pics from my other trips.

Our next destination a year later, was San Fransisco California ! We spent 3 days there and drove to Los Angeles and spent the last 3 days visiting my friends and family. Letting my boy friend meet the other half of my family. San Fransisco was a bit much for me. I had not been in the city setting for so long that it overwhelmed me. It was city that I had never experienced. Stacked buildings and crazy traffic. We checked out the Observatory of Flowers- absolutely stunning, and the Shakespeare  Garden. Nature is our niche. We appreciate the work of God and have to witness his love. Red Wood Forest was the best place for that. Just being in the presence of trees taller than buildings and so wide that a car can be driven through it with no problem. Magnificent! LA was the same but also different. The traffic had gotten way worse. It took an hour to get to a destination that was only 10 minutes away. Venice Beach was the same, lively and popping. But I was ready to get home 2 days before the trip was over. I was fed up with the traffic and was exhausted of the business.

For my darlings twenty fourth birthday we went to his second home, Jamaica 🇯🇲. It is his second home because that was their family vacation spot. The love is overwhelming in a positive way so I totally understand why. It was my first time experiencing an all inclusive resort and I love the idea. Our first day, everyone knew who we were and was pulling us in every direction. There were even people that remembered my boy friend from his stays when he was younger. It is our home away from home. The water and sand was breath taking and the food was outstanding. Every day around 1pm it rained and we decided one day to stay and lay in the rain. Things got crazy that day. There was a hurricane 🌀 and decided to continue to lay in our cabana and be apart of it. It is not everyday that you not only see a hurricane, but can lay outside during one and watch nature tak it’s course. Of course the straw huts began to blow away and all of the dining set up and we decided that it was time to go back to our suite and enjoy from a different safe view. LOL. Five minutes later, the rain stopped and it did not even look like a slight hurricane just hit. We went outside and continued with the festivities of the day. There was a candle lit dinner on the night of my loves birthday. We got in touch with our adventurous side and went parasailing. Like I said before, I am afraid of heights and although I think the ocean life is fascinating, being above the vast amount of water was slightly terrifying. We are land creatures and the ocean is not our domain. Under water reef snorkeling was another fear I conquered. I was more worried about keeping up with the instructor than what was going on under me. But I did get the chance to see beautiful reef world and even held a few of its inhabiters. Our last day in Jamaica, I did cry just a little. I loved being pampered and treated like a Queen. And seeing its jungle beauty.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴. We went for a destination wedding. Another all inclusive resort. It was nothing like Jamaica, of course because it was not Jamaica. I have no clue why I had the mindset that it was going to be. Like everywhere we travel, we met people of all ethnicities and had a blast with the wedding party. Learned that the people that live there do not like being compared to Americans. Preferably black Americans, because although we may look the same, we speak different languages and grew up totally opposite. We did some off the resort amenities to have some fun. Dune buggies ! The private tour is the way to go. My boy friend had the pleasure of driving, as always, so he drove as fast as he could and as reckless as he could. At least, that is what it felt like to me. It was very muddy and bumpy but an all around great time. Being able to see the land outside of the resort is what vacationing is to us. Not just seeing the pretty side of it- the tourist only side. On the tour we were shown a private cave and we had the pleasure of jumping into it. The beach sand and water was astonishing.

Last but not least, there is Miami, Florida. For my 23rd birthday. Happy Belated to me. Aquarius ad Jordan year. City life. We were at the beach everyday and enjoying it’s delicious food. There was traffic like crazy but that did not stop us. We checked out Jungle Island. I saw pink flamingos for the first time. A kakatoot said “hey” to us and blew our minds. There were plenty of gods creatures that we oohed and awed over. I recommend checking out Coral Castle. The story behind it is unbelievable and it is due to its undeniably astonishing architecture. We hit the water hard jet skiing. I thought parasailing was scary. Imagine being on a motor vehicle in the water bouncing over waves and making sharp turns that make you feel like you are going to fall off into the abyss of the ocean. But still amazing. Probably will do again on my own just to be able to handle the jet ski without the extra weight. Wynwood is a must do. There are about four to five blocks where artists of all kinds were allowed to come through and tag the buildings and side walks with their art. Can I say mind opening? We hit up a few clubs-even though we aren’t the clubbing type- you only live once and only turn 23 once. I was ready to go home when that trip was over. I was not ready to leave the heat, but was ready to get back to a traffic less place. A place that was not always busy. My home in North Carolina.

I have been home for a couple of weeks and I am content with the traveling that we have done within the last 7 months. A break is needed. I need to get back to reality and get back to being a home body. Because there is no place like home.




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